Micronutrient Coatings

Glaze micronutrient coatings ensure that every granule carries the same amount of the required micronutrient. For farmers, this ensures uniform distribution of micronutrients in the fertiliser blend. The micronutrient coatings also enhance dust suppression.

Glaze can be applied to single superphosphate, MAP, DAP, MicroEssentials ZS, Urea, MOP, SOA and NPK compounds that do not contain nitrates. Glaze coatings are formulated with naturally occurring binding polymers and are free from heavy metals and hydrocarbons.

Any number of the Glaze micronutrients can be pre-mixed for a prescription blend.

Copper (Cu) as  cuprous oxide 




Zinc (Zn) as zinc oxide




Molybdenum (Mo) as sodium molybdate




Boron (B) as sodium borate