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Glaze DS is applied directly from an IBC to granular fertiliser blending systems for enhanced dust suppression. Dust is reattached by sticking and binding dust to fertiliser granules.

In addition, Glaze DS hardens fertiliser granules to prevent dust from reoccurring.

Supplied in 1000kg IBC.


  • Low application rate.
  • Ready to use liquid that is easy to measure and apply.
  • Fertiliser is evenly coated, remains dry and free flowing with enhanced dust suppression.

Application Rate

  • 2-3kg per MT granular fertiliser.
  • Application rates can vary depending on fertiliser condition and is dependent on fertiliser dust levels at the time of application.

Directions for Use

  • Mix thoroughly before use.
  • Glaze DS is applied undiluted and uniformly to granular fertiliser in a batch or continuous blending system.
  • Glaze DS can be applied to straight fertiliser granules or added when blending mixtures of granular fertilisers.
  • Glaze DS can be co-applied with other fertiliser coating products such as fungicides but cannot be pre-mixed with other products prior to application.
  • DO NOT APPLY Glaze DS to fertilisers or blends containing Nitrates.