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We bring world leading ideas to the Agricultural sector. Our Research and Development team apply novel chemistry and ideas to solve nutrient demands for a growing population.
Using compounds found in nature to enhance nutrient uptake and reduce losses. We create sustainable products that are safe on our environment and for those who use and consume them.
Our production site in Christchurch manufactures, stores and distributes more than 1 Million litres of specialty coatings every year.

Glaze liquid micronutrient fertiliser coatings

Uniformly coats granular fertiliser, resulting in a dry and free flowing coating.
Fertiliser coating graphic

Glaze Micronutrients 

Glaze oval device
Glaze micronutrient coatings ensure that every fertiliser granule carries the same amount of micronutrient.


Glaze Zinc
Glaze Copper
Glaze Moly
Glaze Boron
Glaze Cobalt
Glaze Magnesium
Glaze Sulphur
Glaze Manganese


Newly developed urease inhibitor formulation reduces ammonia volatilisation losses from urea fertiliser blends.

Glaze Extend
Newly developed FC50 Technology in Glaze NBPT provides protection to the active urease inhibitor ingredient NBPT. This allows coated urea granules to be blended with acidic or phosphate based fertilisers and still have an active urease inhibitor present.
Glaze Dust Suppression logo

Dust Suppression

Dusty granular fertiliser is a common issue for fertiliser suppliers and farmers alike. Glaze DS and Glaze Anchor are coatings that can be applied to help alleviate dust before fertiliser reaches the farm.

Glaze DS and Glaze Anchor are formulated with naturally occurring binding polymers and are free from heavy metals and hydrocarbons. These coatings are designed to not only dry but harden the granule, unlike oils which degrade the strength of the granule long term.


Patented Process using Glaze Anchor to allow Urea to be blended safely with SSP and other fertilisers without reaction.

  • Flexi-N adds N to your normal P and S fertiliser applications for extra growth.
  • Suitable for aerial or ground spreading.
  • Can be used as capital or maintenance applications in dairy, sheep & beef, and cropping situations.
  • Glaze Micronutrients can be applied to SSP and NPK fertilisers and still be suitable to blend with Flexi-N

Glaze Extend can now also be incorporated into Flexi-N!

Flexi-Glaze N